Taiwan’s Hidden Power: How Taiwan can expand its power & role as a beacon of hope

Worldwide, there’s a dangerous trend that threatens human rights, freedoms, and democracy. There are rising and emboldened powers working to suppress these freedoms, both inside and outside of their borders, in established democracies and in authoritarian governments alike. As an American, I’ve witnessed the fragility of our rights & democracy over the past few years. As an American living here, I’ve felt solidarity with my friends in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, especially.

Purchasing Power As Activism: Interview with Snowball

Taiwan’s unique position of being at the political crossroads of Asia and the West, a beacon of democracy and a longtime victim of Chinese wolf-warrior politics has fostered a healthy environment for human rights organizations, NGOs, and nonprofits to grow. Snowball, founded by American entrepreneur Colin Hodge, breaks into Taiwan’s human rights scene at a time when growing concern over a regional trend towards authoritarianism has seen a surge in growth of human rights and activism related outlets.