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Join the movement to meet 🤝 brilliant minds 🧠 and warm hearts ❤️.  Learn more about human rights & freedoms in Asia.  Discuss 💬 how to empower regular people 👪 with positive impact.  Organize and build 🔨 effective pressure to secure 🔒 a bright 😎 future for Asia.

Snowball Events

Bringing together people of diverse backgrounds – including those who typically shy away from human rights issues – to learn & discuss real impact we can create, together!

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Connect with people who
 share your values

Your choice of private or public conversations
Discuss news, ask questions, work together to find solutions.

Together, we are strong 💪 and impactful: through thoughtful 🤔 organization, through targeting 🎯 our spending 💰, and through investigations🕵️ that create transparency.

In the spirit of the 🧋Milk Tea Alliance, we are working to improve our freedom of speech 🗣, religion 🙏, protests 🪧, and the press 📰.