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滾吧!進擊的雪球!公民力量如何帶來改變 Snowball: Change the world with your buying power

Apr 21, 2021

So what does Xinjiang cotton have to do with us?
Are we unwittingly wearing clothing produced by forced labor of Uyghurs in Xinjiang? 😳 Do we need to take responsibility for the ‘Dirty Cotton’ hand-picked by people working against their will? 🔥
China started a state-run social media campaign to ban these brands, calling on the West to stop bullying the country and denying there is forced labor in Xinjiang. The mounting evidence shows as many as two million Uyghurs are kept in internment camps. As a consumer, do we need to stand with these fashion giants with their seemingly bold move?

「鳳梨」去哪了? What the heck is this pineapple war?

Mar 23, 2021

Things are “going bananas” in the Taiwan pineapple market since China abruptly banned the import of the tropical fruit just before the harvest season. The ‘ambush’ act has triggered an island-wide sensation of buying pineapples to support the local farmers, as neighboring country Japan also increased imports of pineapples by nearly 10,000 tons. 🔥🔥
So what the heck is this ‘pineapple war?’ 🍍 China claimed that it was discovery of mealy bugs in the fruit that prompted the ban, but as many experts pointed out, the rejection was mainly political, rather than agricultural.
⚡️Tune in to find out more on the ‘freedom pineapple’ and the inspirational reaction it prompted!