PChome is a Taiwanese local online shopping site founded and operated by Jan Hung-Tze (who apologizes for COVID-19 jab from Good Liver Clinic on 11 Jun 2020). Jan Hung-Tze was a National Policy Advisor to the President and an Ambassador-at-large appointed by President Tsai. After the issue of controversy over the lease of Chunghwa Post Co.Ltd, Jan Hung-Tze showed his dissatisfaction with the current politics, resign from the position of National Policy Advisor to the President and appeared at the show of pro-blue supporter – Guo Tai-Ming. This action made his political stance ambiguous.

Score Analysis

Ownership, Shareholders and Political Activity+3

PChome was founded and is managed by Taiwanese, with Jan Hung-Tze as the primary owner, so +3 was added to its score.

Media Reputation, Public Controversy and Boycott Calls+3

On August 24 2020, the MOEA determined that the Taiwan branch of Claddagh Venture Investment was operating a Chinese e-commerce platform: “Taobao Taiwan is a Chinese-funded investment, and the investment must be withdrawn or corrected within 6 months.” Many netizens/consumers started to boycott Taobao and support the local e-commerce shopping site PChome instead. Due to the public support of PChome for its lack of ties to China, +3 was added to its score.

(News from Appledaily, hope the link still available as it was forced to close from 24 June 2020)

Other: -1

PChome’s owner, Jan Hung-Tze, faced controversy for possibly skipping the proper priority order to receive a COVID-19 vaccination from Good Liver Clinic, before some front-line medical personnel and other high priority groups. This led to a deduction of -1.

Basic Information

Ownership Jan Hung-Tze (詹宏志)
Leadership Jan Hung-Tze (詹宏志)
Revenue NT$43.90
Shareholders 100% Taiwanese Owned (台資)

Data Collection

The PChome Online shopping site was founded in 1996 and in July 1998, PChome Online Inc. was established. After more than ten years of hard work, it is now one of the leading integrated Internet service providers in Taiwan. PChome provides users with the most local and high-quality Internet services through e-commerce, portal and Internet service businesses.

PChome Online網站創立於1996年,1998年7月,成立網路家庭國際資訊股份有限公司(PChome Online Inc.);經過十多年的戮力經營,目前已經是全台首屈一指的綜合網路服務商集團,以電子商務和入口網站、網路服務業務為使用者提供最在地、最優質的網路服務。



Jan Hung-Tze is a well-known publisher, Cite Publishing Ltd’s founder and the publisher of “Business Next”. After the party’s rotation in 2016, from being appointed as the chairman of the newly established digital innovation working group of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Conference (APEC) Business Advisory Committee (ABAC), to being the appointment of serving as a National Policy Advisor to the President and an Ambassador-at-large shows that the DPP government attaches great importance to his professional experience.

PChome chair apologizes for COVID-19 jab from Good Liver Clinic

Boycott of Taobao, Taiwanese boosts PChome business soaring 1.4 times


Chunghwa Post has angered Hung-Tze Jan, Controversy over the lease of Chunghwa Post Co.Ltd

Jan Hung-Tze appeared on Guo Tai-Ming’s (郭台銘) show, sharply criticizing “I am very dissatisfied with the current politics.” After the outbreak of the dispute of Chunghwa Post Co., it was reported that Jan Hung-Tze wanted to resign from the position of National Policy Advisor to the President. This message was released on Guo’s channel (that support a rival political party). Undoubtedly, this is an important issue for the DPP ruling party since the impact of its in-power impression is not small. This behaviour may show that he “distrusts” the current ruling party. The National Policy Advisor to the President has taken this step means that the DPP must pay attention to this warning message.



今周刊:詹宏志上郭董節目大談「政客關說」 大剌剌釋出這3個訊息  

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