This system is a work-in-progress and we welcome feedback.

🎯 The goal is to guide consumers to a net-positive choice, not to provide a perfect system.

We acknowledge that our research relies on publicly available information, that we may have missed some key information, and that opinions on different factors will vary.

Scoring System Index

Red box: a deduction to the score
Green box: an addition to the score

Scoring Indicator and Analysis

Our scoring system for Taiwanese e-commerce shopping sites considers 3 areas: “Ownership and Shareholders“, “Media Reputation, Public Controversy and Boycott Calls” and “Other“.

“Ownership and Shareholders” consider the level of investment, ownership, and management of a company by Taiwanese people & entities, with higher percentages of the Taiwanese ownership and management resulting in a higher score. “Media Reputation, Public Controversy and Boycott Calls” is considered positive and negative news, events, behaviours, and political activities connected to the company and its shareholders – and how they align with pro-human rights and freedoms values. The last area, “Other,” considers further information and news not directly tied to political issues. For example, PChome’s owner, Jan Hung-Tze, faced controversy for possibly skipping the proper priority order to receive a COVID-19 vaccination from Good Liver Clinic.

We provide a Score Analysis for each company to provide a deeper look at the factors leading to its score. In addition, we provide data on ranking by different metrics, such as monthly visitors, revenue, and market share. Our scores are far from final and we recognize that they are purposefully narrowly focused on a few areas of interest. Furthermore, the more data we have, the more accurate the scoring system will be, so we open the reply and welcome everyone to comment and share ideas.

Shopping Site Score Sheet

Each site starts with 20. We then deduct or add points accordingly.


Note: In the case of insufficient information, no ranking is provided, marking them as insufficient information/unsure.