Established: 2002

Parent company: 長沂國際實業股份有限公司

CEO:  Chen Kun-chi 陳昆池



COMEBUY was established in Taipei in 2002 and since then has connected with the world and established over 300 shops globally. Their goal is to bring happiness and security with creative drinks. COMEBUY strives to always be innovative, passionate, and willing to challenge the status quo; they want to bring Taiwan’s unique tea culture to the world.¹

2017 Violation of Labor Standards

Date of announcement: 2017. 08. 04

Date of penalty: 2017. 06. 02

Case number: 10632764400

Violation: Article 32 Item 1, Article 32 Item 2, Article 36, and Article 49 Item 1 of the Labour Standards Act ²


Drink shop chain COMEBUY has recently come under fire for a Labor Standards violation scandal. Accompanied by the Taiwan Workers’ Pioneer Association, two former employees held a press conference accusing the company of forcing employees to sign contracts, using “fake contracting” to transfer their overtime hours to the Weigu Group in order to circumvent the relevant provisions of the “Labor Standards Act” on overtime payment.³

2020 Violation of Food Safety Standards

The FDA announced that many famous drink shop chains were found to have violated Food Safety Standards in the audit, including COMEBUY. COMEBUY’S violations included mislabelling tea leaf origins and failing hygiene standards for ice cubes.⁴


COMEBUY’S Taiwanese official website is very skimpy compared to COMEBUY China’s. Though the Chinese website contains much more information, there is no mention of Taiwan in the brand history sections, nor is there any use of the word ‘Taiwan’ at all on the website.⁵



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