This index relies on publicly available information and as such, some shops have less available information on them than others, which will be reflected by an asterisk next to the numerical score. 

Established: 2015

Parent company: N/A

CEO: 劉志遠



Qing Yuan Taro Balls was founded in Yunlin on the back of one young man’s dream. Founder Liu Zhi-yuan, who originally was an engineer at a tech company, had grown tired of the monotony of his life. He spent his off time opening and managing a roadside food stall, a night-market stand, and even a breakfast shop, but still couldn’t find direction in life. On a vacation to Jiufen Old Street, one bowl of delicious taro balls reminded him of the flavours of his youth. When he was young, his parents had brought Liu and his brother here to try the same dish – to him, the traditional snack tasted of happiness. Inspiration struck, and Liu has since then aspired to pass down the art of taro balls by combining it with bubble tea – this is how Qing Yuan came to be.¹

2019 Winter charity event

In 2019, employees of Qing Yuan Rehe shop collaborated with various other parties in a charity event during winter. They visited local homeless communities on a winter night to distribute supplies in a gesture to help under-privileged groups prepare against the upcoming cold weather.²


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