Established: 2005

Parent company: 六角國際事業股份有限公司

CEO: 王耀輝 Wang Yao-hui



Founded in 2005, Chatime spans six continents and has more than 50 locations in more than 50 regions and countries. At present, it has more than 1,000 stores around the world and has the advantage of being the first in terms of market in many countries such as Southeast Asia, Australia and Canada .¹

Chatime gives local agents a great deal of autonomy. They can develop local characteristic products with the assistance of the head office and are solely responsible for the maintenance and marketing of the brand.²

2019 Hong Kong controversy:
Call itself a “Chinese Tea Brand”

Chatime, which had more than 100 branches in China at that time, published an article on Weibo in 2017 ” Chatime: We have been working hard to make China’s own tea brand”, calling itself a “Chinese tea brand” . ³

Chatime currently has about 40 branches in China. ⁴


*Boycotts during Hong Kong controversy: -3

*Major franchising and investment in China :-2

Investment in China

In 2017, Chatime’s company, La Kaffa International, announced the completion of a contract with Hangzhou Ruili Catering Management Company. La Kaffa International obtained the well-known Chinese drink shop brands “heilongtang” and “GOMAX” and started equity investment in China’s drink shop market. ⁵


*Major franchising and investment in China :(above)

In violation of the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation

In 2011, there was a plasticizer problem in Taiwan.The passion fruit juice of Chatime was found to use clouding agent containing plasticizer,which is harmful to the human body. ⁶

*Food safety violation : -0.5

Charity Activities

Chatime Culture and Education Charity Trust invests in children’s charity, and holds activities such as the “Sunrise Welcome New Year’s Run for Love” charity and “Christmas spread of love”. ⁷


*Charity Activities: +0.5


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